GG Park at Night !!

DSC_4239(Re8x10) DSC_4244(Re5x7) DSC_4201(8x10)Mood: Despite Golden Gate Park in San Francisco made it on the news recently not in a good light, I wanted to post something nice hopefully will balance the image a little.

These three photos are in my series of Nighting Trees project that will be on exhibit this weekend at Fort Mason Herbst Pavilion October 23 & 24, 2015 in San Francisco as part of the Open Studio SF 2015 event. I took all the photos in Golden Gate Park at night because I was curious how the park looks at night.I used light painting technique. Trust me San Francisco is a windy city and I had to wait till winds calm down, plus the passing by cars with bright LED lights that blinded me every now and then. It took a lot of patience, but also gave me many surprises.

I had a chilling moment when I heard pack of coyotes giggling and screaming at night that got closer and closer to me until I bolted into the car. I threw everything in the front seat and jammed myself into the car, then I realized I ridiculous I looked and started laughing because the tripod was so long it was sticking out the window. I had a racoon that was very curious and begged me for food and kept coming back no latter how I waved my tripod at it. I also saw fire camps with people, and I hid away in darkness to avoid being approached because they sounded like goblins partying at night.

My mother was the one that went through this whole “mess” with me, and always tries to make me laugh by singing with her out of tune voice while I was taking photos….It is like our summer yearly project.

So if you are in SF this weekend, go check out Herbst Pavilion @ Fort Mason, on October 23 & 24, 11am to 6pm!!


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